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Going Solar Has Never Been Easier

"Don't miss out on state and federal rebates,

solar credits expiring next year!"

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Why SLP?

Go Green

Save Green

 A simple bill swap from your utility to your very own home power plant will mean paying a fraction of previous energy costs. The best part, one day you will own your power just like your home.

Fully Transferable and Maintenance free

From your roof to your solar system our system is covered. All of our solar systems are easily transferred to the new the buyer when selling your home.

Go solar before

it’s too late

With state rebates and federal tax credits set to expire now is the time to take advantage of the money you get to go solar and grandfather your home in before they expire.

Why Solar

What Our Clients Say

Jocelyn Thomas

The folks at Straightline Power were responsive and available throughout the entire process. From getting a quote, to the actual installation, I had a seamless experience

Maria Flores

Straightline Power allows you to see exactly how much you will save before you even consider switching, which you should HIGHLY consider. What an amazing experience!

Chad White

I have always been skeptical of a radical change like Solar but Straightline Power really takes the time to educate you about the advantages and guides you the whole way!


Go Green. Save Green

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